We All Love Drugs

A Joint A Day Keeps The Doctor Away
Welcome to My Webb Page. I made this as I am board out of my tits up here!

My Name Is Danny. I am 20 Years Old and work for a
Tech Support Company.

I live in DERRY and drive a white 1.9D Peugeot 405

Isn't She A Little Shag
This I My dream womman, or one of them.

My Closest Friends are Pete, Dee and Darren. Sex is only 1
of our common interests. There is also drugs and drink.

Our Main Interests Mess With This
Pete's good crack, he has a Kid but she dosn't hold him down
but his girlfriend's nutz.

Dee's boring, dosn't drink or smoke, but somehow he keeps the crack going.

Darren's only seen when there's dope on the scene!
Favourite links

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Loads Of Sex
For Peter Rabbit

Email me on:
[email protected]

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